Our business:

Strategic result advocacy.


The law office MORAES SALLES CERONI MARTINS VON ZUBEN E FERRARO SILVA is located in the city of Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, providing high quality services in corporate law for more than 10 years

As a result of hard work, the firm was able to gather high-grade professionals to our team, each one specialized within the main areas of law, and sound experience in corporate law, attending national e multinational companies from the most diverse segments.

The firm MORAES SALLES CERONI MARTINS VON ZUBEN E FERRARO SILVA over the year has been able to present innovative legal solutions on the demands that are entrusted to the firm, focusing on the client’s needs and business strategies, outcome due to the close relationship with our clients.  That’s what we call strategic result advocacy!

Looking forward to always optimize the client’s operations, our lawyers analyze and elaborates a wide range business solution through training, seminars, corporative events, meetings, and lectures, focusing on preventing corporate legal issues, which can be hosted in the auditorium of our headquarter. 

Taking it for account, the firm is committed to provide the best solutions to our clients, which is our main value, performing our duty on the edges of the legislation, in a collaborative and innovative way.

The office is committed to seeks to solve the clients concerns in outstanding form, deploying of our vision, mission and values, including the guidelines and ethics conducts whose we are proud to share with our team and clients. 



Develop efficient and effective solution, providing the best legal advice to our clients to make the best decisions, through a strategic legal action, proactive and  
determined to deliver results.


Being among the best and most admirable law firms in Brazil.



    1. Attention to the client: each one is unique (act as close as possible, with empathy, personality and comfort);


    1. Being open and build solid relationships (less hierarchy, proximity of the team, with managers and with client, good work environment, collaborative work, respect);


    1. The Institution is above us (unity, common good, fidelity, prioritizing the office, commitment to vision, mission and values);


    1. Commitment with results; generate value (involvement, creativity, innovation, pro activity, deadline accomplishments, effectiveness);


    1. Collaborative and integrated environment (humility, collaboration, dialogue);


    1. Transparency and assertiveness (honesty, openness, sincerity and integrity);


    1. Overcoming always: Every problem has a solution (continuous improvement, motivation, dedication, professional preparation and efficiency);


    1. Fair Play



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